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Meet our present Miss Turks and Caicos Beauty Queen 2005-06


Each year the beauties crowned by each island compete for the title of Miss Turks and Caicos and the opportunity to enter the Miss Universe pageant. On North Caicos the Miss Extravaganza pageant takes place on the Island of North Caicos each year in the month of October. This is a fun filled weekend of events such as, Beauty Pageants, Sail boat races, local cuisine, music, parade, and dancing.

On Middle Caicos its the Middle Caicos Expo with a float parade from the airport through Conch Bar, the Miss Middle Caicos Day Beauty Pageant, lots of entertainment and an all day beach party in Bambarra with sail boat races, Straw Weaving Competition, Domino Tournament, bon fire and roasted green corn.

The Miss Regatta pageant is held in South Caicos locally know as "The Big South". The pagaent is one of the many if not the biggest event of the regatta weekend festival which is annually held in South Caicos in the month of May.

Salt Cay Splashdown on the island of Salt Cay includes the beauty pageant, live music, and three days of fun including jump up, cricket, domino tournament, ring games, food and drinks and music and dancing.


This former Miss Turks and Caicos, Carmelita Ariza made history for the Turks and Caicos Islands by performing tremendously well at May 27th,1987 Miss Universe Pageant. Carmelita is the only Miss Turks and Caicos Islands contestant to make it to the top ten finalists. She won second place in the swimsuit competition with a score of 8,264, and came out 7th overall in the semifinals.

Carmelita Ariza

Miss Turks and Caicos,
Top 10 Swimsuit

Miss Turks and Caicos
Top 10


1979-1980 Constance Lightbourne   1980 - 1981 Francis Rigby
1981-1982 Jacqueline Astwood . 1982-1983 Lolita Ariza
1983-1984 Deborah Lindsley  
Miriam Coralita Adams
1985-1986 Barbara Bulah Mae Capron   1987-1988 Edna Smith
1988-1989 Sharon Simmons
  1989-1990 Karen Been
1990-1991 Kathy Hawkins   1991-1992 Barbara Johnson
1992-1993 Michelle MIlls
  1993-1994 Eulease Walkin
1994-1995 Sharleen Grant
  1995-1996 Shaneika Lightbourne
1996-1998 Keisha Delancy
  1998-1999 Shantel Stubbs
Clintina Gibbs
Shereen Gardiner
2003-2004 Shamara Ariza
  2004-2005 Weinika Ewing
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Jamalia Lowe, Miss Extravaganza 2003
Jamalia Lowe
Miss Extravaganza 2003
Miss Regatta 2004 - Beryl Handfield
Miss Regatta 2004
Beryl Handfield
Miss Splash Down 2004 Aritha Franklyn Williams
Aritha Franklyn Williams
2004 Miss Spash Down
Miss Regatta 2003 Shenika Stubbs
Miss Regatta 2003
Shenika Stubbs

Shamira Ariza
Miss Turks & Caicos 2003
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