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Turks & Caicos Islands Hurricane tracking information

From June 1 to November 30th the Caribbean and Northern Atlantic, look towards the East for signs of tropical disturbances from the coast of Africa, which on arrival to our shores, given the right conditions, have developed into hurricanes.

In 2008, Turks and Caicos Islands were battered by Hurricane Hanna & Ike, with Grand Turk and Salt Cay being hit the hardest.

Each of the sites below will provide you information about the systems coming toward the Turks and Caicos Islands this 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Note: due to high volumes of traffic, particularly as a storm approaches, some of these sites may be difficult to reach.

The Turks & Caicos Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies has produced a helpful hurricane guide, available online - just click on this link:


Storm Shelters (pets not permitted) 2012

Shelter Location
Enid Capron Primary School Five Cays
Oseta Jolly Primary School Blue Hills
New Testament Church Millennium Highway
St. Monica's Anglican Church Cheshire Hall
Healing Water Ministries Church Millenium Highway
Precious Treasures School Discovery Bay
Middle Caicos
Conch Bar Community Centre Central Conch Bar
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Central Conch Bar
Bambarra Community Centre Central Bambarra
North Caicos
Sandy Point Community Centre Central Sandy Point
Kew Community Centre Central Kew
Adelaide Oemier Primary School Central Bottle Creek
Lighthouse Church Richmond, Bottle Creek
South Caicos
Mt. Oliver Baptist Church Central/Downtown
Grand Turk  
Green Door Lighthouse Road
Community College Lighthouse Road
Salt Cay
Community Centre South District
Methodist Church Hall North District

Turks and Caicos Islands hurricane information

Wunderground Tropical Weather Map

Storm Carib Turks and Caicos hurricane report

Caribbean Weather Information Turks and Caicos hurricane report

NOAA - National Weather Service Turks and Caicos hurricane report

NOAA - Geostationary Satellite Turks and Caicos hurricane report

NOAA Tropical Prediction Center Turks and Caicos hurricane report

NOAA Offshore marine forecast Turks and Caicos hurricane report

NOAA Photo of Hurricane zone Turks and Caicos hurricane report

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center Turks and Caicos hurricane report

Hurricane & Tropical Storm Tracking Turks and Caicos hurricane report

Hurricane Tracking Chart Turks and Caicos hurricane report

Hurricane City Turks and Caicos hurricane report Turks and Caicos hurricane report

Hurricane Hunters Turks and Caicos hurricane report

US Navy VisualTurks and Caicos hurricane report

Weather Matrix Turks and Caicos hurricane report

Hurricane Web Resource Navigator Turks and Caicos hurricane report Turks and Caicos hurricane report

AccuWeather's HurricanesTurks and Caicos hurricane report
2012 Hurricane Names
Alberto Beryl Chris Debby
Ernesto Florence Gordon Helene
Issac Joyce Kirk Leslie
Michael Nadine Oscar Patty
Rafael Sandy Tony Valerie

Providenciales Int'l Airport
Latitude: N 21°15' .6
Longitude: W 72°46'.7
Grand Turk Int'l Airport
Latitude: N 21°,26'.2
Longitude: W 71°,08'.8
Middle Caicos Conch Bar Airport
Latitude N 21° 50'
Longitude W 71° 49'
South Caicos Int'l Airport
Latitude N 21°30'
Longitude W 71°30'
North Caicos Int'l Airport
Latitude 21° 56'
Longitude 71°56'
Salt Cay Airport
Latitude N 21°20'
Longitude W 71°12'
Pine Cay Airport
Latitude N 21°54'
Longitude W 72°06
  Ambergris Cay Airstrip
Latitude N 21° 18'
Longitude W 71° 37'

Turks and Caicos Hurricane Season



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