The Turks & Caicos Islands
Community College

"Creating A Culture Of Quality Education"


Applications are invited for the following programmes at the TCI Community College commencing the semester beginning 28h August 2006


  • Two-year Associate Degree in: Business, Computer Studies, Electrical Engineering Technology,
    Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology, Building/ Design Technology, Hospitality Studies, General Studies with concentration on Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Sociology, Economics, Law and Government and Politics. These Subjects may also be taken at G.C.E. “Advanced” Level and/or Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Level (CAPE)
  • Eighteen months Clinical Nursing Programme
  • One-year Certificate in Business Studies, Hospitality Studies and Electrical Engineering Technology.
  • In collaboration with the University of the West Indies, School of Continuing Studies,
    -Two-year Certificate in Human Resource Management, School Administration and Early Childhood Care and Education.
    -One-year Administrative Corporate Secretaryship certificate
  • Two Year Associate Degree in Primary Teacher Education and in Secondary Teacher Education in collaboration with the Joint Board of Teacher Education, University of the West Indies Institute of Education, Mona Jamaica .
  • Technical/Vocational Programmes/Courses
    Carpentry, Tile Laying, Electrical Installation, AutoCAD etc.
Adult and Continuing Education and General Interest Courses for professional upgrading, personal development and CXC upgrading.

Applicants for the Associate Degrees must satisfy the following minimum requirements - Four GCE or CXC subjects including English A and Mathematics at the General Proficiency Level with Grades I, II, and III or GCE Grades A B C. Students without CXC/GCE Mathematics must complete the College Foundation Math - Mth 1110 and Mth1120.

For the Certificate Programmes, the minimum of three GCE or CXC subjects one of which must be English at General Proficiency level 1, 11, and 111 or GCE Grades A B or C.

Students applying through the Mature Student Entry policy should be twenty (21) years or older with at least four (4) years experience on the job and have a sound educational background. (Entry skills assessment will be required).

Application forms are available from the TCI Community College in Grand Turk or Providenciales, all four High Schools and the District Commissioner’s Office in Middle Caicos and Salt Cay or may be downloaded from Deadline for Applications is May 31st 2006.

Applications should be submitted to the Registrar,
TCI Community College,
P O Box 236,
Grand Turk,
Turks and Caicos Islands
TCI Community College,
Providenciales Campus
Attention: The Registrar.

High School graduates should submit their application on time and not wait for their CXC results. An application fee of $10.00 should accompany the application form.

The following vacancies exist at the TCI Community College:
Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
Building and Design Technology with AUTOCAD

Further information contact the Registrar or the Office Manager

TCI Community College
P.O. Box 236 Grand Turk
Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI
Grand Turk Tel 649-946-1163
/ 1686
Fax 649-946-1661
Providenciales Tel 649-946-3210
Fax 649-946-8380